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Car shampooing is essential to keep your vehicle in good and glossy condition and keep cars shining. You should focus on maintaining the cars clean and germ- free. At Care & Clean, we provide excellent car shampooing services for cars of all sizes and brands. We use high-quality automotive shampooing products to make both interiors and exteriors of the car look swanking clean and cars interiors will be left swanking new at the end of the car shampoo process. You can avail this service once in every month and we will attend to car shampooing as essential for your car. Surely, you cannot drive guests with a dusty or dirty car. Thus, you need to get your cars shampooed and present yourself with good esteem. Remember to seek our services. A clean and fragrant car can be welcoming to your guests. So, do not neglect the condition of your cars, plan shampooing, de-odouring, treating and sterilizing of your cars periodically and also before all special occasions where you need to drive to and cast a brilliant social image. We will expertly wash, shampoo, sterilise and make it odour and dirt free.

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