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Care and Clean introduces you to Seven Star hospitality services planned 24 hours and through 365 days in Luxury apartments or villas.

After confirming Agreement with Housing Associations, we plan mechanized housekeeping for your buildings under Build-Own-Operate scheme (BOO).

We require 700 – 1000 square feet area free space for the installation of our heavy cleaning machinery and movable equipment. After the installation of the machinery, we plan our eight expert services.

To perform for our services, We have trained an adequate group of well-experienced and efficient staffs donning uniforms and ID cards to meet the requirements of each residential building.

Thus, we can simultaneously engage in housekeeping and cleaning services as the residences require. So, there is no delay in the routine cleaning carried out on alternative days or on call. We have a sufficient crew who can attend to you as we have sincerely planned it for your mere convenience.

Each group of housekeepers are trained to perform specific housekeeping services and they will commit to the specific tasks.

You can avail our impeccable cleaning services as required on alternative days. Our staff will also attend to your demands on other days based on your preference. Simply reach us over call for changes in the schedule in case you have other plans at the scheduled cleaning hours and we will deliver at your convenient time.

Our policy states that we would cater to your sanitation requirements if 100% of residents in any residential building seek our services in the same period. We will exclusively plant our advanced cleaning equipment and machinery in your buildings and carry out our services. Our cleaning machinery are movable, but our laundry, dry cleaning, foot wear-shoe-bag laundry machinery are Immovable and we require a permanent space to house our equipment and station our efficient staffs such as Rooftop OR even Car Porch of your buildings.

Our eight services are available 24/7 – you can seek the prompt services of our staffs if you require immediate cleaning for any purpose. Our team is pleased to deliver assistance on prompt request even. The services offered by Clean and Care cannot be paralleled to the delivery of maids.

With our advanced cleaning machinery and skilled workforce, we are introducing you to the highest levels of efficiency in housekeeping and delivering best outputs through our committed, permanent services. The offerings of our mechanised cleaning are unsurpassed by manual cleaning; we can transform your living space to an impeccably clean and fragrant one and maintain them with our permanent housekeeping arrangement at Care and Clean.

We understand that you are worried about your precious articles and possessions. Though our crew are most careful in handling your precious articles, we are furthering our efforts to curb damage to any products at home. The prime step towards this is to cover damage to your products through insurance. We are offering you United India Insurance Company coverage against your home products and articles, if any damage is caused to them, even your clothes.

We will ensure total safety for all your possessions and handle in with utmost care. However, we would mention that in our cleaning services, we have seldom damaged products or managed accidents ever. Trust our safety policy and insurance coverage and opt for the highest level of sanitation for your residential spaces.

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Care & Clean work closely on various collaborations with diverse kinds of firms and business entities in India and overseas. In such associations, we extend a further host of services, pertaining to:

All Kinds of Legal Issues in India & Abroad

All Kinds of Income Tax Related Issues

All Kinds of Bank Loan Syndication & Bank Issues

All Kinds of Services Related to State/Central Government Matters

About Our Master Company

As the leading business enterprise in Kerala, Careone Hospitality & Educational Services (P) Ltd, has nearly two decades of experience and industry expertise in offering broad range of services pertaining to Hospitality and Education.

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